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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Got to try them out during some fs range testing.

From that thread-

I really would like to try mounting this to the inside of one of my forearms. They fit fine in 10 round tube elastic loops though.
I found the best way to get them out was to slide my thumb across the top with my finger in the way of the bottom of the round. You also keep your thumb on the round being removed so that it sort of pushes the next round to the back of the dispenser. the top round rolls out into your hand and the next one is blocked so that it pops up into the nose of the dispenser. I tried them with a smaller port but then the rounds are a pain to get out.

The nose IS rounded, how could it hold on to the fins? Its meant to capture the nose. Did you put them in upside down or somethign?

so if you want to mount some on the inside of your forearms and the elastic loops fit... whats the problem? I am confused on that one.

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