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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
last supergame (biggest game on west coast, 1200+ players)
somebody put their phantom down and ran off doin somethin on the field during the night game, the game ended and it sat there unclaimed, my little brother found it, brought it to my booth and it sat there for a few hours until we could find the guy who set it down....

if your at an event THAT big, i'd never walkway (or out of eyesight) of my gun

now i've brought 2 guns on a field, and left one at a start station before (to swap a gun between rounds, or loan it out to somebody), but normally thats small field, small group, etc
I did that at supergame. I passed my phantom to another player, charged ahead with a grenade, chucked it, and then returned to my phantom. I don't know how you could leave it for too long.
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