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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
Think zombie hordes. While it is true that the individual renter might not rack up a tremendous body count, consider their sheer numbers. Consider also the numbers of those who own and don't rent. Of the bulk of people for whom the Tippy is their first marker, whether rental or owner, how many, by way of percentage, actually move up to something else?

Lots of folk only rent when they play, and lots just get into the game on the periphery, and so aren't looking to climb the ranks or enter into the great paintball arms race. And even those that do, how many of us that have played on and moved up still have at least one Tippy that still sees regular use?

So, Tippmann has been in the game a long time and, because for most of its history Tippmann built a high-quality (if not high-fashion) product, many of those that were built two decades ago are still running, still racking up a long body count. Newer markers from other companies may get a big spike, but they also have a short shelf-life, typically. People buy them, then sell them, and repeat. So a lot of fancier or more desirable markers may change hands a lot, but may not get a lot of actual sustained field time.

And meanwhile, the old dump truck Tippys keep slogging on, keep being built, keep being sold, keep being kept (just in case), keep being used, and keep racking up the score. And of course, this brings us back to the subject of rentals. I don't see a lot of fields with overwhelming rental fleets of autocockers, or Vikings, or Luxes, for instance. There are some with 'mags, some with Spyders, some even with Ions, and some with a few others. But all of them put together are a meager fraction of the Tippy fleets that make up the bulk of what fields see on a daily basis.

We might wish that our favorite marker/manufacturer were the winner, but we would also likely be deceiving ourselves.
Exactly. Tippmann's been making solid, dependable markers since 1986. The 98C alone has likely outsold every paintball maker introduced in the last decade. Combined.

A ton of those are still in use on fields all over the place. My local field's still using 10-year-old 98's as rentals, supplemented with Gryphons as needed for numbers.
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