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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Bottom line: information not based on company records will not be reliable information, if even then. For companies that have been traded or closed it may be lost.
-Entirely true. It's still worth a shot, though. Perhaps in the absence of reasonably reliable data, we should look at the rumors and "I heard.." as well?

For example, I realize it's not hard data, but it's still interesting to hear there were some 2700 Vikings. I'd never really thought about it, but I'd have put the number closer to 10K if anyone had asked...

And I seem to recall hearing years ago, that Palmer's had passed the 1,000 mark on Blazers- after which, the later production had some changes. And there were supposedly some 600 Typhoons, but even that number is at least six or seven years out of date.

One bit on the serial numbers again, though: I was poking through my boxes of stored stuff and ran across my old Equalizer. I was thinking about this thread, so I snapped a pic of the serial number:

Presumably we can all agree there aren't over 795,000,000 Equalizers out there.

But, I did buy it in the winter of '95, so it's entirely possible the first three numbers are the month and year of production. Or possibly day-year-month or month-year-day, which might conceivably put this at the 6,358th Equalizer produced.

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