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I used to laugh heartily at crossfit in general. Then I cleaned Linda's bench...I mean, then I tried the Linda workout at the suggestion of a friend. Body was not ready, but new respect for crossfit was found (with one glaring exception, see below).

The only tongue-in-cheek issue I take with crossfit was a snippet from the televised Crossfit games. As the camera cut back in from commercial, there was a voiceover describing crossfit as "The movements of everyday life..." among other things. The contestants in that particular competition had to then perform medicine ball somethings (they made real-life sense, thought the name eludes me), and then do "handstand a defecit," by which they had to handstand ( measured by a bigass piece of plexiglass) on some pipe handles, and then to push ups. I've never been at a grocery store and had the cashier told me "I'm sorry, WVPrankster, but I can't sell you this six pack until you do 10 headstand pushups."

I'm in no way, shape, or form trashing crossfit- that ish kicks my arse on a regular basis...but I thought that v/o was hysterical, given the on-screen activities.
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