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One technical question: Will the gun come with a "shutter valve" (that closes the can while the bolt is upfront)? I think some of your drawings are with, some are without the dye-style valve.

Over all, I think the "shutter valve" is the mayor problem of all attempts to launch a new spooler. either new guns donīt have one or they are infringing one of the 3(?) standart designs (dye, md and pe). And you need one to get over 1300 shots per fill. In my eyes it would be a big thing if you are allowed to use it in your design. Or if the stacked tube design makes it unnecessary.

what I see as an advantage of the design is that it seems to be very slim. normal spools have fat butts because of the bolt sleeve. with this design the diameter of the lower tube is more or less undetermined. I prefer the sleek, straight design of for example the ego over the fat, bended design of typical spoolers. I think its better for aiming along the gun, especially when you play both, spool and rammer.

If you bring this to Germany I will definitely give it a shot.

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