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Originally Posted by snaparen View Post
Thats allot of broken palmers....what when one went down you just got a new one?

I had the Squall built in early 2000 or so. Then I had the Tooth built
later - maybe late 2001. I bought the SB Stroker from Yardog after we played the '02 IAO on team POG. (Turned out it had previously been owned by Movie Guy, also of that team.)
Team POG IAO '02 Page
I got the PUG in 2003 when a guy traded it to me for an ex-rental Sniper II I got in the crate when I bought all of Cousins Paintball's ex-rentals. The Nasty is my brother's but he pretty much abandoned it when he went to med school a few years back.

Generally, they've been really good to me. I once had a coupler leak on the Tooth, and a few chamber face seals in the Squall, but have had no other real issues that I can recall. To the best of my recollection, I've played so little in the last few years that whenever I had a problem, I would put the marker back in the case, thinking I would fix it later. I would never get around to fixing it, and would take a functioning marker the next time out.
Another day, another thing broken...
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