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Originally Posted by short304 View Post
Mine doesn't, but I'd be willing to bet DM6 added it... I know that a lot of people do that on duckslides to remove/lessen side-to-side wiggle/slop in the slide. I've considering doing so on my original, but the little bit (and I mean little bit) of slop that it does have isn't noticeable enough... and is probably necessary to prevent unnecessary friction, so I haven't.

I say, if it's preventing additional ano rubbing (which is bound to happen w/ any pump) and isn't causing any additional pump stiffness/friction, keep it on!
Nope, wasn't me that added it. I didn't even know it was there! Since I got it straight from the factory I'd have to think it was something Steve added to prevent ano wear or something.

Manning, as far as springs go, I run my redux with a red main spring, red valve spring, and a fluted hammer. It seems counter intuitive, but it gets me a consistent 30+ shots around 270fp with my extended or woosh barrel. I never tried it with the VKC, but it seemed to me like it was matching that straight from the factory. My personal rule with SC guns is 3 to 1. I try to tune them to get at least 3 tubes off one 12g at or above 270fps. How this works with my Redux I do not know. But I haven't touched it since lol!

Maybe worth a shot with yours? My Dux is pretty damn consistent for the most part. It doesn't like the cold, but that can be said about anything running on 12ies.

EDIT: My main springs are from CCI's kit, and my valve spring is a cut down maddmann if I recall correctly. The CCI ones are the same length as the original spring in there, just different strengths. That one that you have is longer AND stronger, so your results may be a LOT different than mine.
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