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It was a great day, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.
Thanks to Melkson and Hope for the great missions and awesome food, running the reg. table and all of the hard work they put into the game.
Thanks to all of the players who came out and played. We were overwhelmed at the number of people who showed up. I never once heard anyone complain about the air situation or waiting too long between missions. I know I would have, yall are too nice. We will fix things and streamline the system before we attempt anything else on this scale again.
Big thanks to Angel Dave for taking care of us on the air system and rental gear. He was nice enough to bring down rental gear and an air system for our little 40-50 person game. He was supposed to play on the french side, but got so caught up helping with air, he didn't get to see the field at all. He was also kind enough to get us 2 more air cylinders for the event when we started to run low around lunch time. I don't know many people that would be willing to call a friend 2.5 hours away, have him come down to fix our booster and second compressor and bring 2 more air tanks for our game. Those 2 tanks cost Dave $800.... If you see him, be sure to say thanks. He really likes soco and redbull
Mucho thanks to our refs and all of our helpers. Once again, the turnout caught us by surprise and we made do with only 3 refs on the field, I would have liked 6 or 7 for the number of players we had.
Also gotta thank our event sponsors. Dmc paintball in Colorado Springs started it all off with the idea of a raffle. I went into the store to leave a couple of comps for the game and Dave and Angela wouldn't let me leave without a box full of goodies to give away. Then Hustle paintball stepped up and gave us more sweet gear to raffle away, plus enough stickers to cover the south side of our state with. ( I'm working on it, 1 car at a time) Angel Dave from Covert Ops paintball threw down a stack of hats, visors and some passes to play at his place. Rowlf from DMS gave us 2 passes to the upcoming Band of Brothers game. I looked up around 11 or so and Adam, our local Valken rep and Dave from Allstar paintball were down to drop off some Valken gear and Sly shirts for the event.
Buy gear local and support these awesome guys because they take care of us pretty well.

I know a couple of people got fed up and left early. I'm trying to contact them and take any suggestions they have about what upset them and how we can fix it for the next game. I'm open to suggestions, comments and thoughts on the game.
The funds we raised will pay 6 months of payments on the Hole, 2013 property taxes for the Hole and buy us a big stack of 4x4 posts so we can get the walls up around the exterior of the base. It's gonna be a busy spring/summer.
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