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Originally Posted by Rain-Man005 View Post
Very nice!!! I can see where prone it would be an excellent firing position, but how is it from a standing? I know thats not the shot you'd want with the SR-1 but sometimes necessity dictates. What size scope ring?
Not sure I took it off an air soft rifle.

Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
Beautiful set-up. You and Chicago undoubtedly have the nicest platforms going.
Nah it's just looks, until I find time to play its looks, but thank you.

Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
Now you just need to add an undermount Havoc launcher for those times when tank busting is on the menu.
I was considering going with a launcher of some time, but not for tanks, but rather to hide my N2 tank in.

Like I said in my review, Bill ships you what the SR-1could be!

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