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New Metal Gear game

Anyone else playing it atm? I'm actually rather liking it, it's a complete spinoff away from the main game basically. It feels like what RE4 was to the entire series up to that point.

It's painfully fun slicing enemies up so accurately and throuroughly, specially when the game counts how many pieces your target has been cut up into.

For example hit one group of 3 enemies and did the blade time move which slows time, sliced each person's arms and legs off then torsos in half which allowed me to rip out each spine and extract the fluids (it's the health system, cut through a weak spot and rip out the spine to extract the electrolytes and such), all of this which happened with enemies still in mid jump. The game looks to be rather short, but it is fun.

Oh and also, it's fun how some enemies you can cut off their arms and legs and they keep trying to headbutt you and attack, makes me think of the black knight every time.

PS, I kinda thought Raiden was a puss in MGS2, but he's pretty legit badass in this one, kinda redeemed the character somewhat. Specially around the 2nd or 3rd chapter.

And on a side note, PLEASE would someone make this dude's sword.[gallery1]/6/

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