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Phantom Parts

I have finally settled on my gun setups and I am clearing out things I have no use for. Shipping is not included. PayPal is preferred, MO if buyer is okay with waiting for me to cash it.

I am willing to negotiate a bit on prices but buyer has to pay actual shipping. If you want multiple items it will save a lot on shipping (and I am more likely to give discounts, fewer trips to the PO and all).

I am also selling a Dye Matrix LCD. A lot of this stuff could easily fit in the same box.

Barrels and Accessories

11" CCI Stock Barrel - Phantom Threading - Gloss Black - Bored for Inserts - $30
- It was bored about 1/8" too shallow, you get about one less thread engaged when screwing it in. I have been using it for over 5 years and have shot dozens of cases of paint through it with no problems.
11" Dye UL - Phantom Threading - Gloss Black - $35
- Rethreaded barrel, possibly an Autococker. Barrel shank is raw.
8" CCI Stock Barrel - Phantom Threading - Gloss Silver - Bored for Inserts - $30
- Small nick on tip, only used in one game.
14" Lurker Eigenbarrel - Autococker Threading - Satin Black - $15
V1, it has a 0.678 ID for the entire length.

Ty Brass Freak Compatible Insert - 0.675 - $15
- Nice patina, could use a polish if you care about that

Gun Parts

CCI Phantom SC Body - Gloss Silver - ASP Detent Mod - $40
- Small scratch near thumbscrew hole, not visible when assembled, otherwise almost new. Used in one game, ever.

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