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Originally Posted by BostonPB Original View Post
We appreciate the support, and definitely don't want to take anything away from Woouulf's efforts. He has lit a fire under our collective asses to bring the Twister platform back quicker and there is nothing wrong with that! I look forward to working with him and taking everyone's input throughout the last steps of this process. He has done a tremendous service... Thank u

As I stated before we are very excited to be working with some of our old partners like Serge and many others that would leave no room for wonder if listed individually, but I would like to say we are also very excited to be working with Simon Stevens who you all know is a very avid cocker player as well. So good things for 2013.
Sounds very cool. I'm more interested knowing that BPS is backing these things. So do you guys plan on selling body kits, full guns, or both?
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