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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
We play a similar version of this called "Birthday Ball" at Splattttland.

You get 1 paintball for each opponent. There is a 10 round tube in the center of the field.

The field is marked out about 25X60 yards.

Any type of gun allowed.

Go for it.

If you make it to mid-field and can snatch up that 10 round tube, good for you, you can load it up and blast away.

We've lately modified this to ten rounds only in the gun, which is also nice.

You get a lot of paintball, for a little paint.
Gonna get the guys to try that next time, Sounds like alot of fun
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

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