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I use the Qloader. And have the prewinds down to about 8 now to stop double feeds and chops which has helped a lot.
My question about the detents is/are, the detent is held in with the barrel oring right?
Is there supposed to be anything else keeping the detent more inside the barrel. because mine is pushed out of the way VERY easily. My paint to bore match is fairly close.. and Im even temped to put a tiny piece of foam and tape it down so the detent is a tiny bit harder to move.
Bad idea??

And back on topic.
The Rifled barrel, if and when it goes through. How will the rifled barrel affect normal paint.

my current set up is, qloader with paint on stock barrel with apex2 stuck on the end.
And mag fed FS rounds. And I put the Apex2 to "off"
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