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It didn't go anywhere. It looks 90 percent the same as the original revolution, except it has one terrible feature, the feed tube is totally encapsulated by the extended body portion of the hopper, which makes it impossible to take advantage of the evo's potential lowness. On crappy autocockers with WGP feednecks, you could use a cut down evo with a CCM no pro and have the hopper sitting right on the body of the gun, it was great. And autocockers were so long out the back end, that the hopper didn't hang off the back like it does on normal guns.

They are also perfect for tippmann 98's and other inline blow backs..

So..yeah I think the new evolution 4 or whatever is good, except that the feed tube can't be cut down, so I hate it for that reason. For most people I bet it is a decent budget option.

I don't think that cheaping out on a hopper is a good idea though. Either go light weight reliable VL200, or get a worthwhile force feed. The other compromise is just a decent revvy.

Also as mentioned, Vlocity's were the best hoppers out there before the prophecy and Rotor hit the world..they are good and light, and functionally fine and dandy. The shells are that stinks. Vlocity JR with select force board is the best.. the select force means you can disable the constant pulsating and have better battery life.
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