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Honestly, I wear a proto chest under armor pad, for extra bounces, and to minimize welts a little... I wear elbow pads for sliding, and yes the extra bounces and for when I crash into stuff... I wear knee pads for protection and the occasional bounce on my knees... I wear speedball pants mainly because they are comfy, I don't need to wear a cup when wearing one, extra knee padding, and they are great with bounces...

I play speedball and woodsball with guys who like to ramp 20-30bps and all I shoot is my S6 or phantom, so that extra padding helps some times but not much really. And I play, if I get hit and it breaks I am out, but if it doesn't I will fight on. I am playing paintball, not air soft. It I want to play with bounces, I will play airsoft. Am I cheating? Not at all, I play honorably, but I know the rules and I know what I can do and can't do.
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