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The problem is just that, the focus on power. The governor isn't worried about just anyone getting in his way. Some people (like the National Guard) he could have taken into his town if that were the case. The only people he kills are people who are threats to his power (like Rick). It's not just survival to him, it's maintaining his power. If someone else has power, it's a direct threat to his position in Woodbury.
nah, he's pretty much a sick ****. he sent merle to kill michonne remember? michonne is not a threat to his power at all. she willingly left him with a living sex toy and went alone on her merry way. she may have seen though the governor's facade, but she wasn't interested in revealing it and it was obvious she wasn't threatening enough to take down the governor alone since this was before either side knew about rick's team.

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When the Governor approached the national guard with a white flag to talk and the promise of help and then killed them for the weapons in an ambush I think Woodbury was effectively cast as "the bad guy" I like my television a touch on the simplistic side. This muddying of the waters (Rick kicking out Tyrese) is not helping
i don't mind a little muddying of the waters, an entire work can be based on that premise and be interesting to me, but you don't just dump a tiny chunk near the end, after everything is already established, and call it a day. it has no effect on the grand scheme of things and on how it affects the viewpoint of the audience. it's just wasted airtime that makes the audience wish they saw something else happening. it would have been quite an effective scene if it was shown early in the seaon too.
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