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A little story from this weekend,

Went to the local field, decided to take my karnivor out since I never play semi.

I was playing recball with the advanced group, some of the players were wearing padded vests. I shot one of the players, didn't get out because he didn't feel it. After i got shot out, i went and pulled the player, showed him his mark, and asked why he didn't get out (couldn't feel it). I didn't get mad, it happens, and we walked off the field together as friends.

Next game, we played a different field with cqb and closed rooms. I ended up working my way up one side of the field, entered a building and cleared a room with 4 ppl in it. (came in the back door) The first person I shot, was the same kid with the padded vest. swept with my gun from left to right, double tapped everyone in the room with clean breaks (2 shot rule at our field) And then waited for the room to clear out of dead players. The player that I shot with the padded vest either decided that I should be dead or didnt feel the hits to and clearly tried to spin ( Was screaming and Cussing, and spitting paint towards me) Since I had the drop on him, I painted him up again before he was able to. (Not happy about over shooting, but it ties into my point)

After the shootout, the player tried to fight me, so I brought the ref over. The ref happened to be watching, confirmed the two breaks that I originally put square in the middle of his back, and explained to the player why he didnt punish me for "overshooting". The ref's reasoning was I put two breaks on him (honoring the rules of paintball and the field), and he showed the intent to cheat/kill me (or that he was still an alive), so I ensured that the player knew he was dead.

If this had been a game with beginner players, I probably just would have let him spin, and been cool with 4 kills. But since it was an advanced game, with players who all know the rules of the game, I played exactly what the rules would allow just like everyone else on the field. What I did was not something that i find honorable or fun, but it happened, and i feel its a case study others can learn from.

I have been overshot before, and sometimes its my fault (not calling a hit on hopper or padding from not feeling it or hearing it) sometimes its their fault (bad trigger control, pissed off, grudge match)

I am not condoning overshooting, sadly it is a much too common part of our imperfect game, but if you are an advanced player wearing padded gear, or gear that restricts you from feeling a hit, i feel that you should understand and not get upset if you get a few extra balls.

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