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So far, I'm actually happy with the gear. Omar's been really good about talking to me about any issue's that I've had with the gear.

Some things I really like so far:

NO MORE TWISTING!...tool or not, I hated having to say "Wait guys, let me twist my mag's down so I can load them up"

Now i just grab some paint, and throw it in there!

SOFT PLASTIC: It may seem cheap, but I've been beating one of them up to see what it would take. Unlike the hard plastic one's before that would crack, crack from the screws, crack from the spring pressure, these have so far only scratched an edge or two.

EASY TO CLEAN!: Honestly, that's a huge issue. So far I haven't had a single break and that's using the Pink Breast Cancer paint from last year, some graffti paint that I picked up from Covert Ops sometime after they opened and even some winter fill paint that I bought probably back in 2011 that I just found I had stashed away in a cabinet. Nothing has broken in the mag's. While i've had paint break in the chamber (only once) and paint in the barrel again, nothing has broken in the mag's.

Going to run some test today after I get home and make some changes at Omar's request. If you have questions, or want to see them in person let me know.
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