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Planet Ecplise? New Marker Help

So im in the market for a new speedball marker just to have to play around with and for weekend play. I've owned many guns in my post, but never a lot of speedball markers. Im a pump/milsim/mag fed player. Ive Owned 2 Ego 6s, 3 Minis, Proto, Etek 2, Etek 2 with star frame and my favorite Milsim/Speedball marker Bob Long Mtac. My buddy who i play with is in love with PE and owns a new Ego 11. He knows the market a little better then me though when it comes to these markers and he wants me to buy a Ego 11. Of course im going used though as i save a lot of money, plus i do not need a new marker. SO what are my options? PE Ego 11 or what else?

Im looking for the $500-$650 range!

Thanks guys!
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