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Outside of the fact the zombies were fresh...her story made much more sense given they also watched the screaming citizens run in panic..

Even Tyrese knew that if the Gov were to come back...they would have to sneak out. They stayed behind to protect the kids and such if Rick and his crew showed up shooting.
could still be a trap: tyrese.

rick's team has no knowledge of the tension between tyrese and his friend allen. tyrese and allen fought while within woodbury, but they were last seen leaving together when rick drove them out of the prison. now allen was spearheading the prison attack, and tyrese has been trusted to defend the entire town of woodbury. they should appear VERY loyal to the governor in rick's eyes.

or perhaps those soldiers were meant to be meat shields from the beginning, and the governor decided to turn them into zombies for plan b now that plan a failed. none of the important soldiers were killed: rick didn't find a martinez zombie. in rick's perspective, gov could easily leave the woman out of the loop only to tell tyrese about a trojan horse plan, because the gov went ahead, because they already know from andrea the gov is sick enough to do this, and because the woman couldn't have possibly seen with her own eyes that the gov was trying to headshot everyone before leaving so for all the woman know the gov could have just fired shots at the ground until bullets ran out to simulate it and had her convinced there was no plan b.

too, too, too many different ways this plan WOULD work. i would never have let those people in so easily if i was rick. quarantine would be fine, but they aren't even guarding the rest of the prison and was just greeting people when they showed up? you can explain that action from the guys who went after woodbury but not from the guys that stayed at the prison.
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