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My take:

Andrea: Spoken like a true "Civil Liberites Lawyer".
"I thought I could save everyone".

So long.

The Governor: "SURPRISE!"
He's Jim Jones.

See you, Martinez and "The Bowman" next season sometime.

Carl: "Dad, you didn't kill so and so, they ate Mom."
"The zombie I didn't kill ate Dale"

Well adjusted boy you got there Sheriff Grimes.

Beth: Congratulations, I had you picked for a casualty and you actually drove a crowbar through a zombie's squash! Nice job kiddo! You and Carl gotta hook up.

And, did anyone see CAROL?
All "Biker chick'ed" with the fingerless gloves, and the "Matrix-style" trenchcoat! You have offically become a "MILF".
Quite a transformation from abused wife to hot zombie-killing machine!

I guess that the story here is CHANGE.
How the zombie apocalypse changes everyone.
No one has been left unaffected.

Despite the flaws the writers have done well I think.
Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd, smiling...
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