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Colt Canada C7/C8 Build Thread

Nearing competition, so I figured I should start a build thread for those interested (some from Facebook have been pestering me).

Pictures will speak for themselves for the time being, I will do a full write up this weekend, time permitting.

Thus far, ALL work has been done by hand. Hand files, hacksaws, etc. I live in an apartment, and don't work in a shop anymore, so no fancy milling machines anymore!
Everything is measured with a yardstick (really), eye balled twenty times, and working slow, you can do anything!

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!

March 20, 2013
Started project, bought a A5 off a member here, already had M4 charging handle mod done, I will be revising it later in the project.
Ordered furniture.

April 2, 2013
Parts arrive, basic mock-up (note nothing is fitted yet)

April 2, 2013
Work begins on A2 Solid Stock
The inside of the stock had "rails" for the lower receiver, I used those as guides and support onto the basic A5 CAR stock buffer tube.
Used Dremel to cut channels and file to modify stock.

Trial and error, about 2 hours of work out on my cold deck

Still has a slight gap, 30min of hand filing:

April 3, 2013
Work begins on C7 handguard. A5 body needed a serious (scary) diet. All work done by hand with a file. Took about 4 hours, but if you're going to do this, you may as well do it right!

Delta Ring mock-up

Works like the real steel counterpart! (Minus the spring and collar, close enough for me!)

End cap holds everything together!

Strong enough to hold entire marker by it!


April 4, 2013

Modded handguard to accept Cyclone. Probably the most unpleasant and time consuming part of this project.

April 9, 2013

Work begins on the charging handle! I gave up with the Dremel, so I am heading to a local machine shop to get some real work done.
Here is the prep work:

"X's" are areas to be removed further by the mill, using a hand file on a deck railing isn't accurate enough...

Underside of the Tacamo AK rail. JB Welded over my failed work with the Dremel, so that I have a mostly clean slate for the mill. Also filled the massive void for the stock rear A5 sight.

Also cut the rail to the proper length:

Here is about how low the rail now sits. It will be about 1/8" lower after the A5 is milled. I've lowered it about 1/4" already, so I'm pretty happy how it sits now.

More pictures after I'm done at the machine shop!

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