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I dont know about the color I left it up to the annodizer (tonsixers) to come up the color and pattern and they knocked it out of the park.

All the pump handles shown are my latest revision pump handles the last revision had a 1/4" stroke designed into them these I have re designed the stroke down to 1/8". The lpr/main guide rod/3 way core has been changed to brass because while the steel one is stronger their is a problem with rust, and due to the design I need to solder in a component and 303SS will not take solder so brass it is. As a side effect it does look pretty dang sweet. The clear handle is just a demo model being acrylic and not Polycarbinate it has a tendency to crack from the stress caused by machining so while it looks good and shows how everything works I would not want to use it for fear of it cracking while on the field. Oh and when these are done 3 maybe 4 will be for sale.
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