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Stupid "free" wi-fi had a nice long well written summary and it goes and has to reconnect so I lost everything. Will post a full summary of it's use once back on an actual computer and not typing from a mobile device after sleeping on airport floors.

Short reply on the shocking design is just how simple it is. In a sport where most of us players are lucky to be smart enough to put the correct shoes on our left and right feet this bolt system is simple enough that a monkey could be taught to remove the bolt, clean it and re-lube it and start playing again.

Also sadly no marker to do a video of and since there was very little down time and no properly lighting kit with me it will have to wait until the team markers are in I guess. Stupidly left it for Sunday to chat with Bob about media stuff but glad that they sold all of the units they had at the event. Really jealous of some of the splash/fades that some lucky SOB(s) picked up.

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