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lets see.. the same old guys will loose interest over time. its a given. wives, jobs, health, age, kids, babies, school, honey doo lists etc all get in the way.

a constant influx of new blood is key to long term survival.

the chemistry of an outlaw group is also key to long term survival.

OP: there are more possible reasons the group faded out.. bored with same games over and over. too many dbags. too much drama. etc. If you are sure it was lost interest read on..

spice and variety. one of the things we are doing is including a 90 minute mini-scenario game mid day... changing the theme every two weeks.
we also play absolutely the most challenging and fast based games in the area... this get the guys talking and bring their friends.

as a tip we also play hard core mode all the time. no pods, no pads, no batteries. this weeds out the hosers and losers instantly.
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