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Good points. We created a 3 mountain pass in Vancouver for the 3 ski resorts. But it was not a season pass. It was a book of 10.

It was hard to do anything more because how do you split the revenue fairly between all the hills. Especially if one gets all the visits....we spent hours in meetings trying to figure that one out. I think there is a solution, but I could not find it...yet
I think for paintball you could split revenue generated from the passes evenly among the participating fields. As the article was saying, the revenue isn't really from the admission but from everything else. None of our fields are bring your own paint, so whoever's field gets the most visits makes the most profit out of the concessions.

The pass would just be to push people to play more often. Have it include admission, free air, and a discount on paint and deals on other concessions at each field, and maybe a members only private day here and their. The markup is so high on everything even giving it at a discount with the assumption that regular members will end up buying more is better then not selling anything at all.

It's long been said that one play recball rentals don't make the field money. It's the regulars. Now that the majority of people are back to playing woodball these fields are going to feel the hurt of outlaw fields if they don't figure out a way to bring more repeat loyal players. I think it would be win win for everyone.
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