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Cheap hoppers, Tank regs, uncommon co2 tanks

finally got into my big box of extra hopper and tank parts i don't need. I'm no where looking for top $ for these. I'm still in the process of testing them, however, they will be priced as non-functioning until tested.

Prices don't include shipping. ill be using priority flat rate unless someone can mention a cheaper method

NOTE: These are right out of the box and dirty. They will be cleaned before sending

HaloB missing screws, $15
Halo B shell, Has a few stickers $5 SOLD

HaloB /w speedfeed, $15

HaloB Shell, $5

Vl Tripod, Works, no lid, $15

X2 VL Force, both work, $15 each

Egg3, Works, $15

HaloB l, $15

Standard Hopper, x20+, $2

Half a revvy shell, $5
Primo Hopper? $2 SOLD
Electros For Sale

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