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The "get me a bike" sale- New stuff added

So it seems I will not be attending living legends this year as I had planned, the up side of that is that I have $600 or so free to spend. Problem is Iv gotten the motorcycle itch, and $600 will not cover any decent bike. Therefore, this is the "get me a bike" sale thread. All prices are obo, but please dont lowball me. Prices do not include shipping but we can negotiate depending on where you are. The best way to get a hold of me is to pm, although it is nice to post first

#1 on the chopping block is my spyder e-mr1. Modded to look as much like an uzi as a spyder can, its now set up for a remote line (included). The switch on the board is broken, so an allen key or something similar is needed to chance modes. I dont see it as a hassle. $120 obo.

Second is my beloved crosman 3357. I bought it refurbished from acrewofone, all internals are in perfect shape and it holds air indefinitely. However, it was used as a prop in my high schools rendition of Oklahoma, and therefore has some damage. while out of my sight it was obviously dropped several times, the latch plate screw is missing, and due to my brothers "I can fix that" attitude the plastic barrel sleeve has been melted beyond repair and there is some goo on the barrel and latch plate. I wouldn't be surprised if Acrewofone wanted to buy it back and re-refurbish it $80obo. SOLD

Third is my home brew automag sydarm. I thought this was a pretty sweet idea and I just got it put together, but once again I remember how much mags hate me. Dont worry, it all works well. The on/off needs a little lube, that is all. Its got a automag valve with dial-a-welt and a lvl 7 bolt. The bucket changer is not included as it is not mine, but I have a drop out changer on the way which will be sold with it. Just trying to recoup most of my costs, $250 obo. SOLD

Next is a very nice mini mag setup. Its got a automag valve with a lvl 10 bolt, VL fore grip, exel barrel, and a very nice Grip Styx frame which I am told are highly valued. Dye grips are included, but I have no grip screws. $200 obo.

My third mag for sale it mostly for parts. Its a 68 classic body, shocktech valve and a stock bolt. I believe it is basically in working order besides the missing parts. Nothing too special, $80 obo.

Next is my "box'o sp1", and thats exactly what it is. There are two mostly complete smart parts sp1's in there, everything is a little beaten up as they are ex rentals, but the internals look decent. These are being sold AS IS. $100 obo

Here is most of an armotech wg-65, I have the barrel and r.i.s. shroud around somewhere as well. It needs some work, cant remember exactly what. $50 obo

My last gun for sale is my Hammer 7. Its the only new gun iv bought from a store, it looked like something Id actually use, and I dont. whoda thunk it? Anyway, I think Iv got most of the stuff it came with new, Ill even ship it in the original box if I can find it. Comes with a speed wheel, and Iv got an olive Hammer 7ime shirt in large that Ill throw in. $120 obo.

Two a5 threaded barrels, the top one is an apex ready lapco bigshot, bottom is a hammerhead rifled barrel. $15 each or $20 together.

Lastly is a (like) brand new NxE 4 pod pack. Bought it cause it was a good deal, then figured out how little I use it while playing sc Anyway, $20 obo.
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