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some Cocker and Mag parts

I could use some quick cash, so buy my stuff
Click on the pics to make them bigger.
Don't forget to save with combined shipping on the parts I have for sale here:


SOLD Cocker freak with .689 insert and 10" blue teardrop tip $48 shipped SOLD
Mag BOA Snikebites in 10" and 12". $40 shipped ea (10" is SOLD)
14" Cocker Dye 2-piece Titanium Boomstick .688 w/ gloss black tip. Some minor wear on the tip. $68 shipped
16" SLY Annex Mil-39 CF cocker barrel. Lots of wear on the outside, bore is good. $28 shipped
14" Invert Nightstick carbon fiber cocker barrel, mint condition. $38 shipped.


Shocktech gloss black reg, good shape very minor wear. $38 shipped
Belsales Magnum ram w/ dual Eclipse QEVs. Excellent condition. $78 shipped
ST 2k length superfly bolt $26 shipped
AGD automag chrome Intelliframe. Has a bolt broken off in the bottom that needs to be extracted, has some chrome flaking. $38 shipped.

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