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This is a really bad time for this to come out, methinks... Having "rifle" and "facebook" and "young shooters" all in one article is really gonna hurt gun rights when some senator starts quoting it. Couldn't they have gone away for 6 months? "Scary new digital gun" sounds awful scary to people who are ignorant when it comes to firearms, and those are the people who generally make the laws.

That said, why do gungrabbers always want to do away with guns that are more controllable and comfortable, and therefore to the common shooter, more accurate? Here, you can have this musketoon, a .38 with a 1/2" barrel, a lever action 45-70 with a massive drop in the stock, and a 30-06 semi with a plastic straw for a barrel, and then have a broad-side-of-a-barn shooting contest and accidentally hit the guy standing behind you...

Of course it's "unsafe" to have a rifle with a pistol grip, straight stock, tuneable muzzle brake, you know someone might accidentally hit what they're shooting at.
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