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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I wouldn't count on field operators to prohibit FSR box mags, especially if they are the ones selling the rounds. They allowed higher ROFs via double finger triggers and, they almost universally have not been interested in limited paint games.

I'm okay with them being used at close range (the closer you get, the closer they compare to regular balls in terms of impact force/pain). However, I consider it very unwise to use them, given the decreasing advantage and even the limitation of not being able to match someone shot for shot. One should really try to remain at distance and take advantage of the rounds.
That is a fair point, however I feel that successful fields relize that success in the long run with returning customers will trump the two guys that want to fsr unload. Most fields will not allow ramping, even if it is FPO with walk ons. Rentals are where the money lies and the future of fields. Excessive fsr use may damage the rental business.
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