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Kilt Club vs Badlands

This is the big competitor for badlandspaintball, as both offer free shipping over $150.

My team used to be sponsored by the latter, and are now sponsored by the former. Everything in this review may sound biased, but they're all my personal experiences, and others have shared very similar if not identical ones.

Shipping speed:
Paintballgear promises that orders placed prior to noon will ship out that day.
I'm not sure if because I am paying individually for my shipping (sponsored teams pay shipping, but get awesome prices), but I paid 25 dollars for shipping that took 2 days door to door. The sponsor also threw in a gun as a prize for a tournament, without telling me. I was very impressed by that.
A tracking number was provided as well.
Order 1: The package was packed with a lot of bubble wrap around sensitive items, and air pack bags.
Order 2: Each pair of pods was wrapped in bubble wrap, and the mask fan was wrapped in bubble wrap. They clearly cared about the condition I received my goods.

Badlands ships when they ship.
I ordered a 9.1 when they first came out, and received it two weeks later.
It was packed in peanuts (I hate these personally, awful for the environment)

In my second order for paintball gear, I'd realized I'd forgotten to add an item. I added it in a separate order about an hour later, with a comment that it should be added to order 'xxxxx'. I checked the 'will pick up in store' option.
I called the customer service department the next day to explain it, and they had said that their shipping department had already caught it, and shipped it out all together, on time.

As for issues with wares, I haven't had any with items from, but they do accept returns on reasonable flaws for upto 365 days. I believe they also warranty their guns for life, provided its not due to misuse.

Badlands, however, was a nightmare.
My 9.1 had an o-ring blow on the back block, and I took it in.
I was told because their tech wasn't certified, he couldn't touch the gun.
Fair enough, I just wanted them to find me an o-ring that fit.
2 months in, after 3 phone calls hoping to hear they had ordered the single o-ring in for me, they hadn't. I called the regional manager and he had promised to follow up with me on it.
4 months later, 2 calls in to the store to check on updates, I went in, and demanded to have my gun back, as they clearly had no desire to help me out. Their excuse was 'they didn't know which part to order'. Le sigh.
I called Tiberius directly, explained it poorly, and they knew exactly what I needed. I received my part within 4 days with a few extras. Kudos to tib, btw.

As well, under sponsorship with them, they had the WORST system implemented for ordering things. We had to order through our team captain.
We would find out months later that something was out of stock, discontinued, or some other ridiculous story. This was from badlands itself, not our team captain.

The prices for both are roughly the same, which I find incredible, because paintballgear's customer service would be worth the extra money.

Based on that alone, I would trust that their follow up on faulty products would be in kind.

Paintballgear also lets you know -how much- is in stock, vs just knowing if they have it. If they don't, they will back order it, and ship out the rest of your order if its not expected to arrive in a timely manner. They also do not charge you for the second shipment, nor do they charge you for the item until they can ship it. Impressive.
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