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The first big surprise I ran into was the erosion of the clamp that I attached to the part that I was anodizing.

Which might be part of the reason my first dyed piece ended up looking like this.

The good news is that it looks purple... that is the colour of dye I was using. Of course, there's the issue that it looks all splotchy and uneven. This could be the fact that I used oven cleaner to strip the previous colour off it. This could be the fact that I didn't let the piece anodize long enough. It could even be that the solution I used had the wrong pH.

To rule out a few of these possibilities, I decided to try another piece. This time, I put a whole Victor body on the line.

So I hit it with the oven cleaner. This time, I was careful to wipe it down every ten minutes. When it was done, every ding and scratch jumped out at me so I attacked it with a wire wheel to clean it up more leaving it looking like this.

Right now, it's sitting in the bath, connected to the battery charger. Let's see what happens.
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