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R/F 2k+, Eclipse Ram/QEV's, Pump Kit, Prophecy and more

Time for some summer cleaning!

SUPER BUNDLE! Take everything cocker related* (thats left) for $140 shipped in the US!

*$70 Right Feed 2k+ Cocker Body + Internals + Backblock + Cocking Arm
-Missing gripframe screws
- Crude cutouts on bolt tail to make it lighter
- Copper feedneck elbow removed at buyers request

$70 Smoke Prophecy with Empire Speedfeed
*$20 2k+ Pump Kit
*$20 System X Black and Chrome Pneumatics
- RAM not included
*$50 Belsales/Eclipse Ram
$50 Eclipse QEV's (2)SOLD
$30 System X Hinge Frame (No gripframe screws), comes with JAVA grips SOLD
$15 .45 Diamond pattern grips
$15 Spyder Tadao Board
$5 Traccer pump handle

- Shipping not included, will be decided by buyer
- More pics can be provided
- Discounts on bundles, just talk to me


Spanko to the rescue

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lol can't talk eh? boy is mar gonna have a field day (and night) with you.
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I wonder if I can put a pumpkin on the CNC mill? Hmmmmm.... (toddles off toward shop)

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