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In November I purchased an emag from this seller. I paid his asking price and the marker was shipped in reasonable time. Before I recieved it but after he shipped it he emailed me to make me aware that it had a stripped screw and the trigger pin wasn't right. Okay, not a big deal. When the marker got here I was more than a little upset. It didn't have the spare battery back it was advertised with, there was a screw broken off in the gripframe and the valve didnt work. The egg that came with it was modified and all jacked up as well. Below is the pm I sent him and the reply I recieved. This was 11/13, a month and a half ago and it still has yet to be resolved. I do not leave bad feedback generally as long as the other party will correct the issue, this party has not. I'll be posting this on every pb forum he deals on. If he chooses to correct this issue as he originally said he would, I will delete this post and all others that I create regarding this issue.

I have made multiple attempts to achieve a resolution, I told him $35 plus the CNC pack would make us square and he said that was cool, I waited...and waited..and PM'd...and waited...and PM'd. I'm done waiting, it's been almost 2 moths and I haven't had this resolved. I have all of the PMs to and from him.

I DO NOT recommend dealing with this person.

My PM to him after I recieved it

Originally Posted by SN toter 11/13/07
The emag came today, but I'm a little disappointed. You told me about the battery housing screw and the trigger pin after I paid for it(not disclosed in ad), I can live with that - at least you made me aware before it got here...maybe you just forgot to mention it in the for sale post. However I have a couple things I'd like some advice with...

The original ad mentioned a CNC battery pack, it is not here.
You said you used it once after it was charged with your friends charger, but theres no way you used this recently, the valve doesn't hold air because Reg Valve Pin Assembly - Retro needs replaced.
There is a broken off screw in the bottom of the gripframe so only one screw can be used to hold on an ASA or drop...It has to be drilled and helicoiled.
The EGG was modified to do I-don't-know-what and 9vt batteries do not fit in it(the lid does not even come close to closing. I compared it to my own eggII and this has the battery connectors lowered 1/2 inch with whatever mod was done to on earth did you use this?

I'm not trying to be harsh but none of this was addressed in the ad, else I never would have agreed to your asking price. I wanted to give you a chance to make this right so I don't have to tarnish your feedback, which is good on MCB and I'd like for you to keep it that way. There are several things we can do...

1 - You can reimburse me $535 plus the cost to ship it back to you and you can relist it with its true condition.

2 - You can paypal me the cost to fix it and send me the CNC battery that was in the ad. ($27 plus shipping for the valve pin and another $35 to have the gripframe asa hole repaired)

3 - You tell me what you think is fair if these aren't. I think they are more than fair.

I look forward to hearing from you. I'm not trying to be difficult, but this needs corrected. If I don't hear from you(I'm sure I will but this is just to protect me) I will file with paypal and ship the item back. I will then also leave a detailed account of this on every forum I can find where you post.

Let me know,
His reply

Crap I found the battery pack I guess I forgot to put it in its all wraped, as for the egg it worked before I sent it out and battery's fit fine. Idk how they can't fit now I think I know what's wrong the top plate of where it makes contact is moved lower you just need to put it back in place. It was moddified by my friend Boss it was his he would connect it to his RM and share batteries but it works I used it a week before I sent it out. As for the valve I don't know what happend there it did work but ill be more than glad to help you fix it I sent it out with the knowledege of if it working I had no clue about that. As for the broken screw again I got it like that I should have mentioned it I didn't think it was a major deal sorry about that. As for the battery pack and fixing those 2 things I'll help pay for it but I don't have cash right now if you can wait till I get paid, ill be more than glad to send out the battery pack and 50 bucks to get it fixed? I want you to be happy with the mag so I hope you are cool with what I mentioned? It sucks cuz I've always had go sales and trades I want to fix this cuz that's not what I'm about get back to me as soon as possible so we can fix this.

Month and a half and I'm still waiting...
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