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Originally Posted by Tyler_vanvoorthuijse View Post
I am in need of a Merlin P-block for old-style Merlins. Sent you a PM, figured I'd post here too.
lol expensive to have me one off....

Originally Posted by Ishmag View Post
I was interested in having a phantom valve bobbed. Its raw and coming from Mike at cci. I sent a Pm with a little more information. Thanks

Originally Posted by DAVID(GEN) View Post
Is it possible to drill and thread an ion breach and thread it for autococker detents?
dont believe so... i think the breech is too short

Originally Posted by RuleOfSines View Post

I'm looking to get an aluminum straight pump arm.
pm me i have a few in stock

Originally Posted by babybond View Post
I'm looking at a run of slide triggers that look like Shocktech's but thicker like an AKA to resolve the slop issues. It's prefered to be in pre-99 and post-99 specs.

Material would be hardened tool steel.
how many triggers?

Originally Posted by cc_arteaga View Post
i need a double pump arm sled for a half block autococker
ask jcurtt, i dont make sleds

Originally Posted by TheePsycho View Post
Press in a delrin spacer in my sterlings pump handle and match the lengths of the two pump rods.
can do

Originally Posted by DoC19K View Post
Freak bore a stock gloss black CCI phantom barrel with threading so a Lapco barrel tip can be screwed on.
i will be threading starting aug 1st

Originally Posted by Grendel View Post
Turn old Uni-body Nelson Clones into removable barrel Nelson Clones with Ball detents and freak bored barrels. I have an old Grey Ghost I would love to have that done to.
i will be threading starting aug 1st
i have done this before... but had all sorts of runout issues (barrel/body are not concentric tube, so making them screw on perfectly straight is near impossible..

Originally Posted by darkspidie1984 View Post
What if I jb weld a freak insert into it would that strengthen it? The stock bore is so big the fun is nearly useless. Velocity is just soooo low and erratic. Roll outs are in the 100% range if I preload a ball into the breach.

What are my other options? Do you rethread guns for auto cocker threads? I had my phantom barrel freaked by you last year and I love it.
probably not, you can try to jbweld, i have no idea how that would work, its really thin, i dont know if there will be enough adhesion to strengthen it
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