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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
I like when the backblock fits tight on the bolt. It keeps the backblock from pivoting slightly downward when it hits the cocking rod, which keeps the backblocks threads intact. CCM backblocks might give you better performance than stock. Their S6 backblock is tiny and they also still have delrin backblocks I think.
I know what you're saying with the fit - but its so tight that I have suspicious an AKA Lightning may be damn near IMPOSSIBLE to push through it, its that tight at a point. If I do swap out back blocks / bolts, I'll likely go for the CCM delrin or Tech-T Zero Kick.

Here is the stock bolt design, while we're discussing it:

I can't help but wonder if that venturi is restrictive. I've heard mixed stories - everything from; venturi's are extremely beneficial, open faces are the most efficient by far, open faces are inefficient because the volume is so much greater than the "input" hole, etc. I wish I could figure this out without hacking it up first - I probably won't touch it for now.

Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
oh and my stock ram is super smooth, maybe your gun has had more use than mine or something was bent? The internals on mine look like new so I'm good for now. Just some tool marks on the 3-way, but works fine with no leaks.
I hear you - it seems the ANS mini-rams were HIGHLY recommended by many sources, especially in the mid-00's. Supposedly they cycled the fastest of any available ram due to their small volume. Mine started feeling better after I cleaned it out a good bit and I was planning on re-mounting it until I over-tightened the first QEV :/. It was still a bit rough at the beginning of the stroke though; strange phenomenon.

Speaking of smoothness, I finally got around to polishing some bits!

Lower tube before:

Lower tube after:

My first polish job utilizing a buffer wheel-equipped bench grinder. Pretty happy with the results, though the valve shaft could've used a touch more wetsanding - I didn't want to compromise the fit and seal of it, though.

Also did the trigger internals, here's the before:

And I forgot to take an after

But, not too much to see anyways because I didn't do any wetsanding on them, just hit them all with the cleaning sompound and then did high-gloss on the sear only. They look much better than they did, anyway. I didn't go too overboard here simply because it is a hinge frame and painstakingly polishing everything here won't have as much benefit as, say, doing it to a slider. I still got about 80% of the benefit just using the compounds for about 20% of the time as a full wetsand and compound job.

Both the trigger and cocking action seem to be discernibly smoother now, and that's not just me saying that, as I'm a pretty fair skeptic with things like this. The hammer especially seems to move much smoother. I'm excited to see the results in actually shooting it though, and even more excited to see its impact on a pump project I have in the works! I will likely have a build thread going up for that too shortly, when the bulk of parts that I need come in.

Next immediate task is to get her better timed and sweet-spotted, hopefully early next week when I can stop by and get some tanks filled.
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