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Gorgeous, Minty STO FS

I picked this up locally of Craigslist, and when I say it's mint, I mean it doesn't look like it's ever been played with. The anno is flawless, there's not a single mark anywhere on the body...just simply gorgeous.
It needs either a new RAM (which I'm including, it's just not installed, along with a ton of pneu hose), or a pump kit (it'd look really badass with a purple-handled CCM kit). Everything else is there, 100% functional, and in amazing condition. You're not likely to find an STO in this shape again. It'll make for one super-sexy Sniper/Cocker, whichever way you decide to go with it.

Blue/purple fade WGP STO
Stock barrel, pneus, reg, bolt, and internals
Chrome Benchmark slider frame with built-in beavertail
Purple trigger shoe
Blue cocking rod
Purple cocking rod (not pictured)
Purple CP rail
Purple KAPP on/off
Purple CP on/off (the KAPP one is a pain in the *** to turn, so I bought the CP to replace it)
Full set of WGP pneus, including a silver STO RAM to replace the broken one
A ton of pneu hose of all different colors

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