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Cutting/stretching springs is a no-no. Stretched springs return to their normal length after a few cycles. Cut springs, don't have the "finished end" and can cause kinking and damage to the hammer/pick-up assembly.
Do this only in case of emergency.

Try a large hardware store for springs.

Sterling factory barrels are very good, their "lead" allows "Wedgits" to be swaged into them nicely.

If this beauty was mine, I'd send it, along with the barrels to Palmer's.

I'd have:

The valve job done.
Wedgits swaged into all your barrels.
A detent installed in the body.
And if you still have the plastic frame/body spacer plate, I'd get Palmer's aluminum spacer.
While you're at it, I'd get a Stabilizer to adjust your velocity.

You have a nice gun. A little more investment of cash would make this your all-time favorite.

I did all these things to my ancient first generation Sterling, and she's a real heartbreaker.

I had this all done to my ancient Sterling, and she's a heartbreaker.
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