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Wow, I am shocked at the response to this video as it has been blowing up (well, blowing up for one of my paintball videos...). It has over 5,500 views already, and the youtube version has over 80 likes!

Holy Cow! I never would have thought a video that long would have gotten that kind of attention, and it has made me rethink "long" videos.

I edited like crazy on that one, and I made it as short as possible while still telling the story. The original hunt took an hour and 15 minutes, and I compacted that down to 18 1/2 minutes...

But, a big thank you goes out to all you who watched and enjoyed it and gave me positive feedback on this one! It is a ton of work making paintball videos and often you never hear anything positive, so again, Thanks guys!

I'm working on some new graphics for my stuff. I've got it down to three that I like. What do you think?

Option 1.

Option 2.

Option 3.
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