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I love powder coating, I restore old bikes as a hobby and I love getting a vintage frame blasted and coated in metallic flakes. Its durable as hell, I can lock a bike up against a signpost or get it knocked over without scratching.

That being said I'm a little skeptical to use powdercoating on paintball markers. If coating is chosen over anno, Ceracoat seems to be the way to do it, even with the limited color options.

Do you have any pictures of powder coated markers after a season of rough play?

My biggest concern is with repeated wear to a single spot. Its usually not an issue with cars and bikes, but a huge issue on paintball markers. I'm thinking stuff like misaligned pump arms, leaning a marker against wood bunkers and trees while firing and aiming, and repeated paintball hits over time.

Both scratch, but since powder coating is a plastic coating with a much thicker plastic surface then the metal anno, the scratches in the powder coat stand out a lot more.
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