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Originally Posted by Mr. Furious View Post
Where would you feel like the playing field was more level and in the favor of those with true talent?
In a league that finds a way to enforce open ROF, true semi rules. Let those who can make moves around and through 13-16 bps bursts do so. Let the quick of finger, foot, and mind rise above the rest of us. Enforce intentional overshooting rules and throw people from the league if they are found to be using cheater boards OR steroids. Set up your rules in separate classes of severity, from "game penalty worthy" to "ejection from the tournament/league" Make them known, and enforce them.

Personally, I can't wait to see the day that a "pro" player is shown on the jumbo-tron on highspeed camera doing 11bps, and a goldwave from a directional mike pointed at his gun shows it to be doing 24 bps**. Then the player gets pulled 1 for 1 and the offending player turned off the property for the weekend and not allowed to re-enter a league game until he has produced a reciept from the purchase of a league-approved board. If the team has two infractions of that caliber an a weekend, they are removed from that tournament.

Lack of rule enforcement and unwillingness to find ways to enforce those rules are "professional" paintball's biggest shortcomings.

**And really, can someone tell me why this won't work in the nppl right now?

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