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eNMEy Reg Vs. Other Regs

Specifically, a Black Magic reg. I have nothing against the eNMEy regulator, I just prefer the macro fitting placement on my Black Magic reg since it is up higher on the regulator and I can use a straight fitting down at a 45 degree angle. It just feels more comfortable to me and the macroline is positioned better to fit into my on/off.

I've read the eNMEy regs, and other GoG regs, are the same internally as a Luxe reg. Is this true? Wouldn't the air routing and function be different because the Luxe has no macroline and the eNMEy does?

So, will I have any benefit of using one reg over the other, or will they perform about the same?

As a side note, I only use air so CO2 is not a factor in the decision. And my eNMEy reg isn't very broken in yet so that's why I question if when it does break in if it will be as consistent as other regs.
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