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#1. You can move and configure every portion of your HUD including the grenade button. The only exception is the fire slider on the side for the main fire. To do that simply go into settings IN game and go down to CUSTOMIZE HUD. You can move everything around.

#2. We have a balance of Gold and Silver items. This is a FREE game. We purposely designed it so that you could get all the core items and a few upgrades with Silver. You'll never pay for new fields, etc. We wanted to make sure that we could get the game out to the biggest audience, and introduce players to a family friendly shooter and the sport we love with no buy in. As such we are a business, and for us to keep making updates and future products related to the series we have to have a balance so we do that via GOLD. As we release new items over time you'll see new SILVER items added throughout. We're always looking at the in game economy, and as things change so will the free vs premium offerings.

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