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Originally Posted by newmaticarsenal View Post
I did cock it.
It holds gas till the hammer falls and then the valve stays open.

Seat was Translucent Urethane. I damaged it and have been tying to get it to work with a green O-ring. I have urethane O-Rings coming in both 70 and 90 duro. Which do you recommend?

I also replaced the 010 on the power tube with a new urethane 010.

Are the delrin seats O-rings or flat washers? Do they work better? I've got black and brown ATF Delrin I can turn on my lathe.
the power tube oring should be nitrile. urethane have no give to them and will hold the power tube open.

either 70 or 90 will work for the seat.

the delrin does not work better. that was the first generation. it doesn't tend to seat reliably. the rings were machined.
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