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Pardon the newb-ish questions
No worries, might be a good time re-cap a few of these.

1. You noted that the eyes on the Torque are set up in similar fashion to the Axe. Can you say a bit more about that?
The eyes come up from under the breech on each side with a squarish LED. We also house the HE (Hall Effect) sensor there.

2. You noted the detents are the Exalt 'bridge' type, but I cannot find any information about these. Can you say more about them?
Here is a pic from our FB page:

It 'mushes' out of the way instead of flicking back and forth.

3. In the ergonomics area, is there enough space in the frame for a three finger grip under the trigger guard? And on a similar note, since this is internally plumbed, will there be any possibility of modifying where the ASA sits for the sake of extra comfort/reach/fit, etc.?
Under the guard most people can get 3 fingers, but that is partially due to the finger grab bar down there we put in on the ASA/Reg. That is basically a pinky grab spot.

In the near future we will build a simple adjuster that can go in there to adjust forward and back, plus any company interested in building to the grip spec can get the CAD to work from for building their own.

4. When these come out are you going to do any additional touring to get more exposure/hands-on time? If so, will you post dates for those of use willing to take a field trip?
Yep and Yep. We have the Midwest, Texas area and the East Coast covered. Everything will be posted on FB as they go around and tour, plus any other loose gun out there.

5. There was a question earlier about whether this type of spool setup could avoid cold-weather issues, but it got sort of lost in the trolling debacle a few pages back. Can you say more about that?
The initial design of the spool did quite good in cold weather conditions, partially due to not having a really tight dwell window,and the mechanical return of the piston/spool. Part of the HE sensor mentioned above is to cover that also though. The setup is designed to self time to cover anomalies in the cycle. Like FSDO, cold or nasty conditions, or lack of lube. A general warning light will tell you something it up, but due to the timing logic there should be no issue in any weather unless it is really, really bad. And then we have a 'soldier on' setting that should get you out of the worst.

6. Finally (for now), can you comment a bit on the decision to go with a leaf switch vs. a microswitch for the trigger? Never even heard of a leaf switch until scanning this thread, and did a bit of digging elsewhere, and it seems leaf switches have the potential to be very fast and very sensitive.

7. Finally finally, you mentioned (different?) switches that were being tested in raw form for failure, but which could be replaced easily. This is the quote:
There is some confusion there, there is a mechanical switch in the gun as part of the firing system. The solenoid trips the switch to fire the gun - we had to use a unique switch because there wasn't an off the shelf solenoidvalve that had the operation and flow we required to make the gun work like we are.

This switch is the firing heart of the gun. The 'board switch' is a standard leaf switch like you would find in just about any paintball gun on the market. We do not have an optical switch, just a normal light microswitch. The board switch is activated by the trigger.

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