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Originally Posted by snaparen View Post
Well here is the trigger.
Sheridan Blue Streak Trigger, NOS, excellet shape - Trigger Groups - KP / Sheridan Rifle Parts - Sheridan - Pump - Parts

The back block can be harder to find.

There are other options for putting it in a stock.
You can use one of these;

If you do a search for kpmi, you will find many that use that trigger group. That trigger pack is still available from Crosman, and so is the stock that matches up to it.
Awesome, thank you for the info

Originally Posted by WALZ View Post
You can also modify your stock trigger frame to work perfectly.
I have a thread in here somwhere on how to do.
Save you plenty bucks and no mods to the internals at all..
I can post a pic of one if you need a visual..
That would be great, I'll see if I can find that thread. It would be awesome to be able to swap stuff around.

Edit: I found a thread where you were selling a completed one, but I haven't found any pictures of the mod itself.

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