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Originally Posted by op4sonny View Post
Dan can we ERASE ur silly rules

-Must be pump operated (one pump one shot)
-12gr with horizontal feed (preferred )
-12gr with direct feed (stick or small hopper)
-Tank with horizontal feed
-Tank with small direct stick feed (10 rds or less)
-Spring feed magazines for pumps are allowed.

It's a stock game lets keep it simple.
Stock feed or stick and 10 round reload tube.
Tanks are Ok

Sweet, then the setup will be:
  • Luxe
  • stickfeed
  • 12.5 bps ramp on PSP
  • eyes off
  • HPA
  • bright colors
  • loud music

I'll gas and degas the marker to move the bolt open and closed. Is that ok?

Lol i'm just messing around. I'll have the usual simple stuff. I'll bring the kp this time
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